Thursday, October 20, 2011


Saya-chan! My next cosplay! I love Saya and I love this anime! And therefore, I freaking love the opening! The song is so good. It kinda explains how I feel some days. Here are the lyrics. I hope you like the song and the lyrics as much as I do.

Wandering, trapped in an endless night
Losing meaning in existence
The past can't return
Don't you dare to know

All the things I believe are crumbling away
The dark days
I don't want to look at reality
The circumstances
I can't slip away from
Don't know where to go

Do you know that "hope" is fake in this world
And "despair" is the only truth I've got
Cutting apart the darkness

Restless infinity
Why must I be bleeding?
Inescapable melancholy
Struggling to my limits
On the verge of madness
Because it will never end

Now with nothing left to believe in
Is this the life I have to face?
This unbearable, suffering world!

Even if I move on facing forward
There's nothing I can do
I feel as if I'm lying to myself

But these realities tear away at me
Why do we live?
Why are we here?
Who should I complain to?
Who will understand me?
Where is the fucking truth?
Who will judge us, who always hurt and kill each other?
What do you like?
Who do you love?
Is there no reason, God why?

In this hellish life
I will continue until the end
I want freedom
Don't think you can take the easy way
At this stage, break through the path waiting for us

No one will try to understand us
It's been over ten years!
You stupid or something?
Wanting to destroy infinity

That's my last scream!
This unavoidable reality
No Pain, No Gain
Absolute resistance

If there really is an end
What do I expect?
This current Apocalypse
It won't change, this suffering world!

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