Monday, October 24, 2011

Emotions & Thoughts.

'It's difficult to change someone's emotions. No matter what they are, so long as they are engraved deeply into the heart. I suppose hatred would be the hardest. Many people will say that hatred does not last. But that is not the same as it going away. It's still there. It's just hiding where you can't see it. And given the slightest chance it will reassert itself. Now then, given hatred's persistence, what should you do if you cannot get rid of it? The only possibility is to overwrite it with an equally powerful emotion. Yes, those would be love and trust.'

'When a person cannot encounter which they do not understand, what do they do? Yes, they think. What is it? Why did it happen? How should I think about it? What should I do now? The more you think, the further away you get from the truth of it. Yes. Your thoughts get in the way of what your instinct desires. Your thoughts get in the way of the real answer.'

- CLAMP from 'Blood C'

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