Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I finally let my body sway with the wind. I need my music though. It fills my soul. I decide to relax and sing. I sing out my thoughts. I sing out what I feel. It's my soul singing. I pour it on the grass. I pour my song over that little creek. I pour it out while I sit on the bench. My song is full of mixed emotions: sadness, melancholy, love, hope... It"s all there, alive, beating. I can feel my voice syncing with my body. They sway together now and the wind joins the rhythm. The movement. The wind joins me and it feels so good. Trees and grass surrounding me. I like green. It gives me hope and it makes me feel alive.

While I sing, each part of me interconnects in harmony. I have stopped swaying. I am now dancing with the wind. My heart singing out loud until it feels like it might explode. The beat of my heart becomes one with the song. It's full of love. It needs to be spread. I want someone to receive it. The flowers and the trees are now my dancing partners. We all move together in harmony. I can see them dancing along to my song. I see THEM. I see the people that are not swaying to a melody. They are not swaying to my melody. I want them to hear my song. I want to sing it to them. I want to spread my wings now. Show them how song and love combined can transform you. I know for sure in my heart that after hearing a melody, my song or any melody, things can change.

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