Saturday, June 25, 2011


Today is my anniversary with my boyfriend, Ryan. Three years together. We have been through so much and we are here: together, stronger than ever. I love him so much. He has been my strength and light when I felt weak and I was falling into the darkness. I love him so much.

I also love this song because it is super cute, and when I sing it and dance to it, I think about Ryan and how cute and goofy he can be sometimes. I love him. I know everything from here on is going to be just fine. Everything is going to be OK because I do not have that many ghosts haunting me anymore, and the ones that I still have can be taken care of. Our love is stronger than bakemonos (ghosts). I can feel it strong and I can see it clearly. I hope you guys like the song too. It is so adorable and Toshiko's voice transmits such cute and serene feelings. She gets what I am feeling in the song. Here you go!

Capsule - Glider 【グライダー】

Though I want to put clothes made in Heaven on
And I have a dream of flying in the sky
Though the sun is warm too
My wings have already broken
I felt like anything would come true
It was just a matter in the limited world
Am I the only one
That has never been out of this wall?

Since that day
There has been
Something precious
Unchanging in my heart
My feelings are high
Words are surely a glider
Almost always
I feel like I'm flying
After all, we seem to be living
Ah, from a distant place
I can't pray
For you
Come here
I want to be with you

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Sky

OK, weird! I just noticed that my first two entries in June are related to the sky. I don't know why.
That was totally not intentional. So random, I know! I just saw it and was like: O.o

Crimson Sky = blood & pain?
Starry Sky = dreams & hope?

Wow, I really scare myself sometimes.
Good thing I am going to therapy! :D


I do not think I have mentioned this before, but I tend to obsess over a new song each week. I think this is because of my OCD tendencies. Anyways, when I find this song I like a lot, I listen to the song over an over again. Why? Because the song probably evokes some very strong and intense emotions from me and I like to soak myself in those emotions? Yeah, that must be it... O.o

So, here is the song I have been obsessing over this week. Capsule reminds me a little bit of Daft Punk and of Perfume (which makes sense since Capsule has the same producer as Perfume: Yasutaka Nakata a.k.a. J-electropop genius). This song is so simple yet so strong. Oh, and just as a heads up, Toshiko starts to sing until minute 1:30, but the music before that is super cool. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and I hope you feel the urge to sing and dance as I do. ^_^

Capsule - Starry☆Sky (スターリースカイ)

I sing for you. (I literally do. I love to sing, and I sing a lot when I am in love or when I just feel happy.)
I think of you (All the time! ^_^)
I remember when I lost my mind (I love losing my mind over happy things!)
Remember when you catch my heart (Le sigh.)

You know for you
You don't be shy
I remember when I lost my mind
Remember when you catch my heart

Today Starry sky. (I love starry skies, don't you?)
Let me kiss you
Today is starry
Come to find me
Starry sky

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hishoku No Sora >>> "Crimson Sky"

Mami Kawada - Hishoku No Sora

And so, dye this sky red. (Equivalent to blood in my book.) The time has come again for my body to only go forward. (I just gotta keep on going. I cannot let anything stop me. I have come so far.)

Even the ‘people’ who pass by and the ‘THINGS’ which become lost in confusion will one day be like vanished memories. A passionate unwavering ‘strength’, a fleeting swaying ‘weakness’. They meet the same end after all. (Don't we all?)

Such ordinary days melt the mundane world. (And they melt me as well.) The sun appears above the crimson world. Flutter in the wind and draw back the lines. Like the flowing tips of the hair, pierce the enemy. The feelings which were slashed, the swelling dream. Now, I will only carry all of my duties in my hands until the end. (I have to keep on moving. No faltering. My heart is buried deep. Guarded. I dare anyone to come near. They will be encountered my the darkest soldiers.)

Once again, another light has fallen, it has quietly disappeared to somewhere. It’s the reality which doesn’t change day after day.
However, I definitely feel it, your warmth, your heartbeat. This can also be called the truth.

And so, it becomes crimson, scattering the mundane world. It’s now starting in the background of the evening sun. Why do I feel hesitation and confusion in my rapidly throbbing heart? Hurry, destroy this pain which explodes in useless rage.

The stained and scorched clouds in the sky burn the wishes concealed within. (My wishes that were buried deep might burn.) Tears welled up in my hesitant eyes, but change them into strength tomorrow. (My sorrow and my tears will become my strength.)

Offer up everything to the land where I have descended. With my single bright blade, I shall decapitate the darkness. The light deep within my heart will always sparkle. I will only carry out my duties until the end.