Sunday, August 7, 2011


I don't know if I have told you all, but Paramore is one of my favorite bands. What I love the most about Paramore is that they always have a song that speaks about what I am living through. Their newest single speaks a lot about what I am going through right now in my life. I always try to explain how the lyrics apply to my life and how I feel.

Please feel free to comment and enjoy the video. :)

Paramore - Monster

You were my conscience, so solid, now you're like water.Yep, I had relationships with a people that thought they were my freaking conscious. I might sound a bit resentful, but these people hurt me so much. They thought they had me in their hands, but they no longer have that control or power over me. They are like water just passing through.
And we started drowning, not like we'd sink any farther. And yes, I went through some troubled times after they had no control over me, but you always float back to surface, right?
But I let my heart go, it's somewhere down the bottom.
I hit rock bottom, but I was able to swim back up. My heart was so heavy due to their influence that I felt it was at the bottom.
But I'll get a new one and come back for the hope that you've stolen. I came back. My heart might not be new, but it is regenerating itself thanks to the love and support of people who really care about me and listen to MY dreams.

I'm only human, I've got a skeleton in me.
At the end of the day, we are only human, we make mistakes, we are not perfect. We are ALLOWED to make mistakes, right? Even if it hurts. That is what life is all about.
but I'm not the villain, despite what you're always preaching. They all preach I have given my back to God. That my life is twisted. That I am a sinner. I know that's not true. I am just me. Trying to survive. And I make mistakes, but this mistakes only harm myself. So why do they judge me? I am not hurting anybody else. Why don't they leave me alone? I have tried to be a good person. I wish they would stop preaching and let me live my life.
Call me a traitor, I'm just collecting your victims. So many people are getting fed up of being pointed at and they are looking for support. I will come along and try to give them support. (through counseling). All together we will be able to open the minds and hearts of the close-minded people. Make them see that there is another way to live than instilling fear in others.

And they're getting stronger. People are really getting fed of being pointed at. Their weakness becomes their strength.
I hear them calling.

Well, you find your strength in solutions. Some people think they are strong because they know the answer to everything. But that is not always applicable to everybody...
But I liked the tension. Some people, like myself, find strength in the adversity because it is like we are hit by a light once we actually find a way out of our problems. It is more enlightening when you are struggling and you find the way, as to when you always "have control" Sometimes this control is just a facade.
And not always knowing the answers. I have learned to feel okay with not knowing all the answers. I am not going to kill myself for not knowing. The unknown now makes me excited and curious, and no longer afraid. Whatever needs to pass, shall pass. Everything happens for a reason, and I embrace my unknown future with a curious expectancy.
But you're gonna lose it, you're gonna lose it. The people that judge me are going to regret ever pointing their fingers at me. I will laugh in their faces.

I'll stop the whole world, I'll stop the whole world
From turning into a monster, eating us alive. Others and I will stop the world from judging, and even if we cannot completely stop them, we will find a way that whatever they say will not affect us, but will affect them. We will make them sorry for being "monsters" towards us. They will regret talking behind our backs. They will regret judging us. They will regret saying we were this and that. We will show them who is better.
Don't you ever wonder how we survive? Their ridiculous charades have made us stronger. Their ridiculous ways have made us find ways to overcome all the bad things that attack us.
Now that your gone, the world is ours. Now that we no longer pay attention to them and we kick them out of our minds and hearts, they have no power over us. The world is ours.