Saturday, February 5, 2011


You spoke the words, the room dropped 10 degrees
Suddenly I start to freeze
The air is thin, it’s hard to breathe
How should I react? Where to begin?
The walls are slowly caving in
It’s dangerous this state I’m in
Then you try to explain your deed, as I stand here and bleed
Shut up, I’ve already heard enough
I’m detached from my sanity, unstable and unwise
Don’t move, and nobody has to die
But I guess…

Breaking the pause, I go to turn around
I walk away, it’s getting loud
Someone turn the volume down
Gotta get destroyed and lose my head
Don’t think that I’ll return to bed
The bulls are out and seeing red
Take shelter, protect your heart, cause some treat it as art
Painting over and over it again
I try not to fall apart, attempting to hold on
Freak out, and everyone plays along

Cry for me
Let me know you’re giving me thought
No more lies for me
Inject me with the honesty shot
Just sympathy
Leave it with me, it’s all that I’ve got
To face the storm out ther

I’m, doing just fine, I’m doing just fine
Just give me some time, I need to close my eyes
I’m doin just fine, and I’ll be all right
Don’t worry I’m fine, as I leave the world behind
Don’t touch me I’m shaking, can you hear me breaking?
Yet somehow I’m still standing
Well maybe I’m crazy, but this is really hard for me
To think your heart belonged to me
Can I get some sympathy?

Sympathy - Karmina

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