Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Here goes for the 4 months...

But since I did remember that is has been four months that I have gone on without talking to him, here I am hoping that someday I will be able to forget to count, here goes this song for the Wolf. He knew how much I liked it... ^^

Kalafina - Sprinter

By meeting you
I saw a dream that won’t come true
that’s eternity passed by only a second

I’m calling you
wanting to protect you
I embraced you with the fingers
I extended still shaking

The things we can do is to only,
to continue crying out
that we’re alive being unable to do anything
until I lose strength, just that so
will it reach you? will I reach?
start running immediately by destroying
the temptations of despair
to beyond the spiral (world)

I’m calling with my song
that’s distant and struggling
if I can turn your cheeks toward the sky
I’m not alone…

Even in this mechanic heart,
the naked reality (truth)
was stuffed enough to overflow

Waving to the yesterday
that disappears at the speed of light
to wherever on the bright desert
we kick up time and run, now

By facing the wind and waving a torn flag
on this path without you,
for the sake of myself
I move on…
beyond the spiral (world)…

I want to see you
I miss you
I want to see you
I hold you dear

(I want to see you, I miss you)
I’m calling the sign that I was here
(I want to see you, I hold you dear)
is surely still in your gaze

I’m calling by going against the closing spiral
us, who are crying and yelling are
living, existing
existing, right here…
I’m calling your name

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