Sunday, November 28, 2010

Electro World!

I love this song, and the lyrics are so surreal. I wonder if we will end up in an Electro World someday. This song is sung by one of my favorite J-Pop groups called Perfume! I love them! Stay tuned for more awesome songs and videos! Let me know what you think!!!

I kept running along this road, going forward, advancing forward, even more forward
I can't find the town that should be drawn on the map
looking back, the scenery I was able to see there had vanished
in this world, I am last at the last of the last

Electro World
the ground shook and broke down
the sun in the sky falls to my hand lightly
I have realized the truth
about the structure of this world
I'll leave you a letter

Electro World
in the town where even a cat on a street flies
even your presence has no reality

Electro World
everything I can see, everything I can touch, too
has no reality
but surely I exist

Who flipped the switch on for this world?

Soon it will be no more

Electro world

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