Sunday, June 12, 2011


I do not think I have mentioned this before, but I tend to obsess over a new song each week. I think this is because of my OCD tendencies. Anyways, when I find this song I like a lot, I listen to the song over an over again. Why? Because the song probably evokes some very strong and intense emotions from me and I like to soak myself in those emotions? Yeah, that must be it... O.o

So, here is the song I have been obsessing over this week. Capsule reminds me a little bit of Daft Punk and of Perfume (which makes sense since Capsule has the same producer as Perfume: Yasutaka Nakata a.k.a. J-electropop genius). This song is so simple yet so strong. Oh, and just as a heads up, Toshiko starts to sing until minute 1:30, but the music before that is super cool. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and I hope you feel the urge to sing and dance as I do. ^_^

Capsule - Starry☆Sky (スターリースカイ)

I sing for you. (I literally do. I love to sing, and I sing a lot when I am in love or when I just feel happy.)
I think of you (All the time! ^_^)
I remember when I lost my mind (I love losing my mind over happy things!)
Remember when you catch my heart (Le sigh.)

You know for you
You don't be shy
I remember when I lost my mind
Remember when you catch my heart

Today Starry sky. (I love starry skies, don't you?)
Let me kiss you
Today is starry
Come to find me
Starry sky

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