Friday, June 3, 2011

Hishoku No Sora >>> "Crimson Sky"

Mami Kawada - Hishoku No Sora

And so, dye this sky red. (Equivalent to blood in my book.) The time has come again for my body to only go forward. (I just gotta keep on going. I cannot let anything stop me. I have come so far.)

Even the ‘people’ who pass by and the ‘THINGS’ which become lost in confusion will one day be like vanished memories. A passionate unwavering ‘strength’, a fleeting swaying ‘weakness’. They meet the same end after all. (Don't we all?)

Such ordinary days melt the mundane world. (And they melt me as well.) The sun appears above the crimson world. Flutter in the wind and draw back the lines. Like the flowing tips of the hair, pierce the enemy. The feelings which were slashed, the swelling dream. Now, I will only carry all of my duties in my hands until the end. (I have to keep on moving. No faltering. My heart is buried deep. Guarded. I dare anyone to come near. They will be encountered my the darkest soldiers.)

Once again, another light has fallen, it has quietly disappeared to somewhere. It’s the reality which doesn’t change day after day.
However, I definitely feel it, your warmth, your heartbeat. This can also be called the truth.

And so, it becomes crimson, scattering the mundane world. It’s now starting in the background of the evening sun. Why do I feel hesitation and confusion in my rapidly throbbing heart? Hurry, destroy this pain which explodes in useless rage.

The stained and scorched clouds in the sky burn the wishes concealed within. (My wishes that were buried deep might burn.) Tears welled up in my hesitant eyes, but change them into strength tomorrow. (My sorrow and my tears will become my strength.)

Offer up everything to the land where I have descended. With my single bright blade, I shall decapitate the darkness. The light deep within my heart will always sparkle. I will only carry out my duties until the end.

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