Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Distant ~ ハルカ [Haruka] ~

Don't you all love j-pop/j-rock songs? You can always find a song that will evoke strong emotions. At least, that seems to be my case. I always find a song that seems to have extracted the emotion/feeling out of my freaking heart! In this case, I found out one of my experiences was extracted out of my heart and then it was given to a cute band of girls with awesome voices to sing. I am talking about the j-poprock band SCANDAL. Gah! I love all their songs but Haruka in particular struck a cord in me even before I figured out what the lyrics meant in English. It's such a sad sad sad song. You can get that feeling just by listening to it. So, again, I was not surprised when I saw the lyrics in English and I was like AH! - that makes sense! This song reminds me of so many things I have gone through especially of all the times I have given my heart to a boy and all of a sudden life happened. Sigh ~ my heart all tinkered and tainted by me, myself. I am slowly putting it back together and cleaning it up but it is long process. Only time can heal they say. Slowly but surely my heart will shine again.

Well, I leave with you Haruka ~ I hope you like it as much as I do.

Someday it'll come true; love is by your side
Promises aren't needed, even though we're far apart

I can't say it right; the words I'm saying aren't reliable
Even though it should make me feel better getting it off my heart

Songs that I've just memorized are as awkward as those I give
Instead of goodbye, I said, "See you later"

Memories played out in the clear skies
I hid my tears; I don't want to forget your kind lie

I won't spill any tears
It's not the end; it's the beginning

Because even if I share my sorrow, I can't move forward
Why is kindness something I always realize afterwards?
The days I spent with you are shining
So I can walk on

Whatever day it is, the sense of reality increases
There's a thrill missing in being chased by large clocks

The goal I've aimed for isn't like something that can be seen, but
The scar I received from falling down is me myself

Dreams are always fleeting things that threaten to disappear with a blow of the wind
So that I won't lose, so that it won't be erased, I want to treasure it
Tears don't suit you; whatever happens, smile
Be the you that I know, even though we're far apart

The platform at dawn; it's becoming a little painful
I can't forget the warmth of your hand I had let go that day

I won't spill any tears
It's not the end; it's the beginning
I don't need promises, because I'll always think of you
Someday it'll come true; love is by your side
Surely we can meet again, even though we're far apart

In the changing time, stay the way you are


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