Tuesday, January 21, 2014


You make me lonely, easily, you make me happy with one word
The little fight last night has still not been resolved, so I’m waiting yes
Cause I wanna feel you, every day, every night, want to connect with you quickly
Just wanna get your message now, message now, I love you, your casual messages, messages, please repeat them.
For I will be up and down and my tears will disappear
That’s why your message, I believe it’s for real
The thousands of message exchange have strengthened an unseen love
Though they seem meaningless, they may be the most important, wanna share our day
Please tell me your story, I wanna hear it, doesn't matter if it’s not cool
Just that and my weather will change
I’m waiting for you, today, also tomorrow
Believe it’s for real, I will easily go up and down and tears will disappear
This message of yours, I believe it’s for real

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