Monday, April 30, 2012


The truth is that ever since
I realized I could fly in the sky
I’ve been too afraid to flap my wings,
and I’ve forgotten the wind

Where are we headed?
Far off in the distance we can see a mirage
Which although we fear it
Will show us our future someday

When our shelterless hearts
drew close together
Look, true sorrow has
spread apart its wings

In the night
Like a dream of midday shadows
I’m sure we shall fall
Toward the light

Someday, with you
Night, morning, afternoon,
stars, illusion
Summer, winter, time, wind
Water, earth, sky
we go further in the destiny

Stay close to me
Look, a silent love begins
Someday we will shiver
As we head toward our future

Where are we headed?
We flee into the distance
underneath the water
What a beautiful voice
Sing aloud
Our future

~ Yuki  Kajiura

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