Monday, November 28, 2011


Good question. Some people say I'm adventurous, bouncy, cheerful, clumsy, crazy, curious, dreamer, dorky, emotional, energetic, flirty, funny, giggly, goofy, happy, hyper, jubilant, mischievous, nerdy, optimistic, passionate, romantic, silly, weird and many other things. I am just a girl (I am not normal, that's for sure - anything but ordinary please) trying to be happy and I fight for my dreams. I wanna go where no one has gone and I wanna feel what no one has felt! I love life, colors, ADVENTURES, laughing, I LOVE LOVE!!! I believe that if you change YOUR world the WHOLE world will change around you. I love Japanese animation, J-pop, K-pop and cosplaying! I am a proud otaku. I leave with you a glimpse of what defines me!

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